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Customer Testimonials

November 21st, 2014
Below, please find some representative photographs of the finished product provided by your company. It is outstanding. The styling, workmanship and caliber of the product is unequalled with anything we could find. We obtained four quotes, and aside from yours - which was not the cheapest, nor the most expensive, none had the quality of the materials and professional appearance of the final product. Furthermore, your installers were focused, hard working and courteous. Every evening, the site was cleaned and debris removed.
We cannot be more pleased with not only the end product, but the manner in which it was sold and installed. You personally, convinced us there was no better solution to our needs, and you did it so professionally, yet personably. Please feel free to use us a a business reference anytime in the the future.
Jim and Pat Reed
Mukilteo, WA
glass railing, Series 350X top rail, fascia mount, Oyster White   glass railing, Series 350X top rail, fascia mount, Oyster White   glass railing, Series 350X top rail, fascia mount, Oyster White  

November 17th, 2014
Hello Tracy
Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with the glass railings at the Yerke Residence. Tom Trocino and Cecil always treat our projects with utmost care and on this one Tom introduced us to the new solar lights – a real hit with our client! And the view is barely impacted by the glass panels!
Thanks again!
Jennifer Braden
Eden Custom Builders
Kirkland, WA
glass railing, Series 200 top rail, surface mount to wood curb, Bronze Matte   glass railing, Series 200 top rail, surface mount to wood curb, Bronze Matte   glass railing, Series 200 top rail, surface mount to wood curb, Bronze Matte  

November 16th, 2014
Tom Trocino and his crew from Hansen Architectural Systems rescued our home improvement project. Another contractor had agreed to construct our deck with a cable railing and gate. He had finished the project except for the gate. We waited for several weeks, but the contractor was not able to find an acceptable option for us.
I searched online and saw several cable railings gates I liked on Hansen’s website. I sent an email and got a prompt response. After I sent Tom a photo, I received an accurate, reasonable estimate for the cost for the gate. Tom’s crew went above and beyond our expectations. They found the company that had produced the rail system for our deck so that they gate would match the railing perfectly. They came to take precise measurements, had the gate ready when they said they would, and promptly came back to make a minor adjustment when we needed. We love our new gate. It looks great and functions well.
Donna and John Sylvester
Seattle, WA
cable railing, Series 200 top rail, surface mount,Sky White   cable railing, Series 200 top rail, surface mount,Sky White  

November 10th, 2014
Dear Doug,
As you know we researched railing styles and railing companies for two years. We researched whether we wanted pickets, glass or cable for our deck railing. In the end we felt the best product for our lake home would be a cable rail because it lets us see the lake almost like it isn’t there, it allows for air flow and we don’t have more glass to clean.
We looked at half a dozen different companies who sell cable railing. It didn’t take long and we could see the Hansen Architectural difference – ClearVue Railing is a SYSTEM. Your cable railing is designed from the ground up to be a system. When it comes to installing the ClearVue railing system it is apparent it is engineered to be a cable rail. Everything comes together the way it should. When you see the finished product it is so apparent. The ClearVue railing system comes all together with Standard and TrimLine posts, 45 and 90 degree angle posts (eliminating the double posts needed for corners with some deck railing systems) custom angles, post lengths, colors and the number of wires used.
We looked at a lot of cable rails but none appeared to have the design, style and quality of our ClearVue cable rail. We found cable railing available the same day locally. We looked at that. It was the fastest and easiest solution. But those systems use a cookie cutter approach so “one style fits every deck”. If you need 45, 90 or 135 degree angles you just buy two posts to make the angle and terminate the cables at every double post location. With ClearVue we received custom brackets and posts designed to follow the angles of our deck – in most cases with one post. We took our cable rail a step further and opted for a custom color to fit in with our home and match our vinyl decking. Your latest improvement, the new cable terminations are fantastic – nearly invisible. They are SO nice and clean looking and they aren’t hard to install – even for typical homeowners like us. One of the best things is the support we received from the design process to helping us with instructions and questions for installation – you were with us all the way!
After we were done with the installation my wife said “this looks better than I expected”. We enjoy a lot of time on our deck and it is so nice to enjoy the nicest cable railing system there is.
Roger & Claudia Greenley
Pelican Lake
Pelican Rapids, Minnesota 56572
cable railing, Series 350 top rail, trim-line post, classic grey 310   cable railing, Series 350 top rail, trim-line post, classic grey 310   cable railing, Series 350 top rail, trim-line post, classic grey 310  

November 2nd, 2014
Hi Doug,
My builder has completed my cable railing and we both agreed that it is beautiful, strong, and maximizes my lake view. We love it!!!! I have attached some photos of my new, all seasons, lakefront home on Andover Lake, featuring your cable railing. You are welcomed to use them in your gallery. Please let me know if you pick them up on your website so that I can admire them!!!!!!!! Thank You for all your help on this great addition to my new home!!!!!
Best Regards
J. Poland
Andover, CT
cable railing, Series 200 flat top rail, trim-line, brnoze matte   cable railing, Series 200 flat top rail, trim-line, brnoze matte   cable railing, Series 200 flat top rail, trim-line, brnoze matte   cable railing, Series 200 flat top rail, trim-line, brnoze matte  

October 22th, 2014
We found working with your company to be very professional and all information shared very concise.
The shop drawings of the railing system for our home were excellent! Outlined all rail components, and installation steps. This was very beneficial for our field contractor who had never installed the product before.
The finished product looks wonderful and updated the look of our home by more than a decade!
Thank You,
D. Esposito
Indianapolis, Indiana
cable railing, Series 200 top rail, fascia mount, black matte  

October 16th, 2014
This is our first installation of a Hansen Architectural cable railing. Our company and our client greatly appreciate the build quality of the railing components, the technical knowlegde and helpfulness of your staff, and quick reponse to changes we made in the field. We look forward to a long relationship with Hansen Architectural.
You may include our contact info.
Michael Howes
MCB Remodeling
684 Loma Verde Avenue
Palo, Alto, CA 94306
(650) 868-2872
cable railing, Series 200 top rail, wood adapter top rail fascia mount, black matte   cable railing, Series 200 top rail, wood adapter top rail fascia mount, black matte   cable railing, Series 200 top rail, wood adapter top rail fascia mount, black matte  

October 15th, 2014
Hello Doug,
I am most pleased with the railing. It looks great and I have received compliments from friends and neighbors. I will send pictures once the rest of the project is completed, exterior painting of my addition and then the install of the awning I bought from Hansen.
Thanks for all the tech support, you were easy to work with and provided excellent customer service.
Jerry Peterson
Oakland, CA

October 14th, 2014
We absolutely love the new Clearvue Cable railing at our Deja View villa! It is perfect for opening up the ocean view! In fact, your railing system turned out better than we could have imagined!
Thanks so much for your help in engineering our cable railing system as we had a large, complicated system to design in a tough marine environment. It makes all the difference in the world being able to see straight through the railing and to the view beyond. What a great product! We love it!
St. John - US Virgin Islands
cable railing, trim-line post, fascia mount, Series 200X top rail, bronze matte with marine grade primer   cable railing, trim-line post, fascia mount, Series 200X top rail, bronze matte with marine grade primer   cable railing, trim-line post, fascia mount, Series 200X top rail, bronze matte with marine grade primer
cable railing, trim-line post, fascia mount, Series 200X top rail, bronze matte with marine grade primer   cable railing, trim-line post, fascia mount, Series 200X top rail, bronze matte with marine grade primer  

September 28, 2014
You can tell from the pictures that I deviated a little from the plan. While the initial plan was for a shorter railing, I gave into my wife's request for making it as high as possible. Happy wife, happy life. It has helped us get to our forty-sixth anniversary last July.
Our finished railing height is 41" which is perfect for leaning on while solving the world's problems. I love your system. I am getting a ton of compliments on it. Most people don't even mention the deck but, instead, are quick to say what a great railing I've got. Thank you!!!!!!
Bill Long
Portland, OR
cable railing, Series 200 top rail,surface mount, black matte   cable railing, Series 200 top rail,surface mount, black matte   cable railing, Series 200 top rail,surface mount, black matte  

June 23, 2014
I wanted to let you know that the check is indeed in the mail (really!). I don't think I caught Saturday's mail pickup, if I did, you may already have it. If not, you should have it by tomorrow or Wed.
I wanted to mention that we were very pleased with the installer. He did a great job and was very professional and personable.
I did forget to get touch up paint from him while he was here. Could you posssibly send me some through the mail? I'd like to have it on hand just in case. So far, no disaters, but you know how it goes.
We are very VERY happy wiht our railing and look forward to sending you many referrals. :)
Susan Spencer
Gresham, OR

June 9, 2014
Here are a few pictures of our finished product. We are so happy with the cable railing.
We are enjoying our view so much and are happy we did not go with a traditional railing. Thanks for all your help.
Janice and Bob Phoebus
Mt. Jackson, VA
Series 200 cable railing, fascia mount, Sky White   Series 200 cable railing, fascia mount, Sky White   Series 200 cable railing, fascia mount, Sky White  

March 27, 2014
Here is a photo of my completed, dock railing project up here in Alaska. Everything went very smoothly.
Thank you for all the great customer service!
Jim Byron
Ketchikan, AK
Series 300 cable railing, surface mount, Black Matte  

March 24, 2014
I purchased the Clear Vue Mid Rail Picket system last Fall but our Ohio weather didn't allow completion of the job until a couple of weeks ago. I've attached a few photos of the deck and railing and I am very pleased with the outcome. The secret to installing the railing system is to take your time, don't rush and plan every cut carefully. I'm happy to say I took my own advise and I was able to complete the project without any problems.
Thanks for making such a great product!
Steve Wolfarth
Pickerington, OH
Series 200 picket railing, fascia mount, Bronze Matte   Series 200 picket railing, fascia mount, Bronze Matte  

March 11, 2014
Hi Randy,
Thanks for your help on our railing project. It turned out great! As promised, I attached pictures of the finished project. I used ipe railing caps that I bought from the vendor you referred to me. I have another small area that I would like to add some railings on. I will send you the layout and pictures for a quote shortly.
A. Barbarich
Las Vegas, NV
Wood top rail, surface mount, fascia mount, Black Matte   Wood top rail, surface mount, Black Matte  

December 9, 2013
The railing turned out great, we get a lot of compliments. You will like the mahogany cap that we put on it, along with the 8 coats of varnish.
I will send some photos later today. Thank you and Tracy for a great product and all your great service!
Best Regards
G. Pickett
Ardell Yacht Brokerage
Newport Beach, CA
Wood top rail, surface mount in Bronze Matte   Wood top rail, surface mount in Bronze Matte

October 25, 2013
The railing system was easy to install and looks great!
Thanks for your help on my project and I could not be happier with the results!
J. Tsikas
Washington, MO
Series 200X glass, fascia mount in Anodized Silver

October 23, 2013
Hello Doug,
Attached are photos of our two decks with the new Cleavue Railing System. They look terrific and we love the railing.
We've recieved compliments from our neighbors, as they look much better than before and really suits our desire to see our outstanding views. It worked out really great. Thank you for your help!
J. Munson
Longmount, CO
Series 200X cable, fascia mount in Bronze Matte   Series 300X glass, Surface Mount in Oyster White

September 12th, 2013
Here are photos of our completed railing project.
Thank you so much for all your assistance! Puppies are Havenese, Taj (black) and Tory (white).
Williard Myers
Wolfeboro, NH
Series 300X glass, Surface Mount in Oyster White   Series 300X glass, Surface Mount in Oyster White

September 10th, 2013
Dear Mr. Hansen,
We moved to Gig Harbor in February of this year and have been acclimating to our new community and home. We have a very large deck with a railing & glass panel system of yours which was installed by a local subcontractor, prior to our move-in. The posts were missing all of their bolt covers (buttons) and the post tops had been altered. There were several other "mysterious problems" that we needed help with as well. We were able to track down your company via the internet and were put into contact with Tom Trocino. Tom was very interested in helping us get our deck railing back into shape. We described some of the issues over the phone and he set up a date to come by. Tom arrived with replacement buttons in hand and was cheerful, knowledgeable and eager to serve.
We applaud your company for the way you stand behind your products! We would definitely seek you out in the future for any new projects and we will highly recommend you to our neighbors and friends.
Gratefully yours,
Forest & Mary Jane Lane
Gig Harbor, WA

May 23, 2013
I thought you might like to see the completed railing installation.
I appreciate all your help and look forward to working with you again on the next project!
Michael H.
Vice President
The Muhler Company, Inc.
Series 300X glass, Surface Mount in Oyster White   Series 300X glass, Surface Mount in Oyster White Series 300X glass, Surface Mount in Oyster White

May 17th, 2013
Aloha Randy,
The gate was installed the week of March 20th and looks great. Thank you for all your time on this project and for the handling of our unique needs. Have yousubmitted the final invoice to us yet?
Moving forward, the staff and elders like the new gate so much that we all agree this would be the ideal style for our entire property. With that said, I wonder if it would be possible to send someone out for an official quote. We currently have around 170+ linier feet of the old fencing with 6 gates that we need replacing so it might warrant a visit from someone from Hansen to get an accurate estimate and scope of work needed. Please let me know.
John Perez
Property Technician
Kaimuki Christian Church & School
Oahu, HI

May 6, 2013
Mr. Hansen,
I do not remember if I sent you a prior e-mil about the great job Doug and your staff did designing and engineering my deck rail. I may have sung their praise in a prior e-mail, but I want to make sure If I did not that I do now, since I just last weekend finished the install of the railing and IT LOOKS Great. I’ve included some pictures of which I sent to Doug . Just wanted you to know how much I am looking forward to showing it off to my friends. It provides the safety I need for my 18 month grandchild, but does not deter from the view. And your pricing put the others to shame.
Thanks to Doug and your staff for really great job.
Bruce Guebert
Steeleville, IL
Series 200 Cable, Fascia Mount in Black Matte   Series 200 Cable, Fascia Mount in Black Matte Series 200 Cable, Fascia Mount in Black Matte

March 14, 2013
We are asked to supply glass railing for other projects from time to time. I typically pass, but after seeing your drawings and level of service, I will give railing a closer look. Would we be able to work on a direct basis on other jobs?
Michael H., CSI/CDT
Vice President
The Muhler Company, Inc.

March 7th, 2013
Hi Tracy,
My railing is all in and I love it so much! Thanks so much for making this happen for me! I appreciate so much the opportunity to meet you and get such a great railing. Ed speaks so highly of you and I can see why.
Thanks again
Lynette H.
Portland, OR
Wood Top Adapter Cable Railing, Surface Mount in Bronze Matte

January 21, 2012
Here are a couple of photos of my completed railing project, overlooking The Hudson River. The railing system turned out great and our client is very happy with the finished product. Thanks for all your great support!
Cornwall on Hudson, NY
Series 200 Cable, Fascia Mount in Sky White   Series 200 Cable, Fascia Mount in Sky White

November 9th, 2012
A few words to let you know how we feel about your product and personnel. Afer a long search we came upon your sales rep Tom. While my husband was impressed by the quality of your product, I was impressed by the fact that Tom understand where I was at on the design end. When Cecil, your tech, came to the site he was not only professional but also personable. The end result is beautiful addition to our new home. Thank you and we would recommend your company, your product and your staff at the highest level possible.
Dave and Sue Nobach
Snohomish, WA
Series 1100 Glass, Fascia Mount in Bronze Matte   Series 1100 Glass, Fascia Mount in Bronze Matte

November 6th, 2012
Mr. Hansen:
Tom Trocino and his installer, Cecil, did a great job on my deck railing project a few weeks ago. We had your firm install approx. 90 feet of Black, Aluminum & Glass Railing. The service was very professional, timely, flexible and courteous. I appreciate the coordination that occurred between your team and the framer working on my deck. The product looks and feels great and I am pleased with the price. I feel lucky to have kept and found Tom’s Business card, which I got about 4 years ago while attending the Seattle Home Show. Here are some pictures of my project.
Thanks again
Steve B.
Kirkland, WA
Series 200 Glass, Surface Mount in Black Matte   Series 200 Glass, Surface Mount in Black Matte

October 31, 2012
Hi Jason:
Attached are a few pics of our completed cable railing!
Thanks again for all your help, we love the product and how it looks on our home!
N. Gillis
Sobieski, WI
Series 200 Cable, Fascia Mount in Black Matte, Post Lights   Series 200 Cable, Fascia Mount in Black Matte, Post Lights Series 200 Cable, Fascia Mount in Black Matte, Post Lights

September 29, 2012
Good morning Tracy:
I wanted to write and let you know how much my wife and I enjoyed working with Doug on the design and Dennis on the installation of our new cable railing system. Doug put lots of hours in, even coming out to our home twice, to be sure he got everything correct. He was also able to expedite the construction date which was very important to us for numerous reasons.
And Dennis and crew came out, explained what they were going to do and basically how they would do it, then went to work and were very diligent and quiet as they worked. No radios, loud bantering, just two guys focused on their work and ensuring a quality job. In our opinion, they did even more than expected and as we look at our deck and railing system, we're more than happy.
I've attached a few photos of the finished product, including the lights we purchased from your company.
Thank you so much for a great experience!
Skip Greene
Portland, OR
Series 200 Cable, Fascia Mount in Black Matte, Post Lights   Series 200 Cable, Fascia Mount in Black Matte, Post Lights

September 29, 2012
I just wanted to pass along my thanks and appreciation for Doug. I started my search for the “right” railing over a year ago and found the perfect fit, both style and price, with Doug’s assistance. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to have purchased something unknown yet have the support Doug has provided, from the first order revision to the multitude of questions about installation that I have bombarded him with. Please be aware, and let Doug know how much I appreciate his dedication to your company’s success thru such exemplary customer service.
I am so looking forward to the completion of the railing system and l hope I can send you a picture that truly shows what a dramatic statement I think it will project when finished.
Bruce A. Guebert
First National Bank of Steeleville
Steeleville, IL

September 17, 2012
I got the package today, just in time. Thank you.
I want you and Tracy to know that your product and service has been outstanding. Every aspect has been a pleasure.
I look forward to working with you in the future.
Andrew M. Slaugh
Slaugh Construction LLC
Eagle, CO

August 24, 2012
We finised our railing project today and they look great! Here are some photos of the finished project. Thank you very much for the expert service!
Wayne Rembold
Portland, OR
glass railing surface mount

June 18, 2012
Mr. Hansen:
We want to send a special thanks to all of you for making this a successful renovation project. Thank you for the excellent job Hansen Architectural did on parking lot railing upgrade. Your team is professional, prompt and detail oriented. The parking lot rails look great!
Laura Engle
Homewoods on the Willamette - Portland, OR

May 8, 2012
Here are a few photos of the first decks we have upgraded with your cable railing system. We get compliments from our neighbors all the time and we love your product. We are now ready to put your railing on our boat dock!
Tom Shoaf
San Antonio, TX
Series 200 Cable, Surface Mount in Black Matte   Cable Railing with Wood Top

April 20, 2012
Hello Jason:
Thank you again for helping us with a great railing system! Our deck turned out better than expected and we are very pleased. Feel free to use these photos on your website. As you can see from one of the photos, our deck is a giant doggie play pen
All Our Best,
Jeanne Debbink
Oconowoc, WI
Cable Railing with Wood Top   Cable Railing with Wood Top    Cable Railing with Wood Top

April 3, 2012
I just referred my landscaper to you and realized I never sent photos of my new house with the railing systems on my staircase, back deck and overlook balcony
I am extremely happy with your products! I am looking forward to working with the Hansen team on many more projects.
Best Regards,
Michael Moy
Jersey City, NJ
Cable Railing with Wood Top   Cable Railing with Wood Top

April 3, 2012
Attached are there photos of the installed handrail. They were taken with and older iPhone so quality is low
Thank you for the support. I am very happy with the results!
Be Well,
Terry Presley
Sikeston, MO
Glass Railing Presley Residence   Glass Railing Presley Residence

January 3, 2012
Thanks for all your help with this railing. Everything worked out great and my friend loves her new hot tub deck and railing system. It even looks better at night when the railings dissapear and you see right into the woods with very little obstruction
David Blair
White Hall, MD
Cable Railing

October 12, 2011
Hi Tracy
I wanted to send you this email regarding the excellent customer service I have been experiencing from one of your employees, Doug Heizenrader.
I live in Houston, Texas and am remodeling a lake house in Austin, Texas. I have dealt with Doug entirely on the phone and via email. I wanted to let you know he has been available for information, questions, issues, shipment tracking, etc. The deck measurements and stair railing were unusual because it was not a uniform size to deal with.
I just wanted to let you know what great customer service I received from Doug. He was also involved with the deck contractor who was installing the railing system so had to deal with calls and emails from both of us.
Very professional, timely and a fun person to talk to. Thank you for the great internet experience!
Robin Kutzner-Hesketh
Houston and Austin, Texas

October 1, 2011
Last month I helped my father-in-law install your stainless steel cable railing product on his new deck. Neither one of us had ever installed a cable railing before.
I was amazed at the customer service that your company applied toward our job throughout the entire project. When the railing was delivered, Tom not only helped unload it, but spent a substantial amount of time with us ensuring that the project started off on the right foot. Cecil's assistance, tips and advice regarding the stair rail setup was invaluable. Your guys are top notch.
In the end, the finished railing turned out so nice that I will recommend no other than Hansen Architectual Systems products to anyone inquiring about cable railing options.
Thanks for such a great product and old fashion customer service!
Ken McLeod

August 25, 2011
We appreciate the quick turn-around Hansen provides and have been very happy with all of the products we've ordered from your company.
Thanks again for being one of our most reliable subcontractors!
Jason T. Doucette
Project Estimator
Guerdon Enterprises LLC

August 24, 2011
From: Dr. Eric Fretz, Superior Twp, MI
To: Mr. Jason Wisherd and Hansen Architectural Systems
I'm writing to you to express my absolute delight with the cable railing system we purchased from you. Initially having something shipped from across the country seemed risky, but we really loved the look of this product online. Our expectations in terms of how it looks have been met 110%, as you can see in the pictures! However, what I really appreciated was your support throughout the process. From the shipper damage and your prompt reply from the technicians on how to fix it, to your immediate shipping of the crimping tool that went missing (no questions asked), I have to say it was a real pleasure working with you and Hansen. With just two friends I was able to install the whole 100+ feet of railing, and everything worked perfectly. We passed inspection with no problems!
Nearly every person who steps onto our deck comments on the view and then most follow up with a compliment on how "invisible" but attractive the railing looks.
Thanks again for a great product, great support, and great result!
Drs. Eric and Jennifer Fretz
Southgate, MI
Cable Railing

Hal Hendrix
Hendrix Construction, LLC.
8900 SW Burnham St., Suite F-22
Tigard, OR 97223
July 16, 2011
Dear Mr. Hansen:
This letter is to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to two of your employees, Doug Heizenrader and Roger Prasad. I had a rush project and that had to be completed in a very tight window. Doug not only provided expert advice and guidance, but also I believe was instrumental in helping me complete the project on time. This is my first experience with your product and with Doug's guidance, the installation was flawless. His decision to predrill the holes for the bottom brackets significantly reduced the installation time. Communication was excellent with every phone call returned. Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to Doug. Although I spent only a few minutes with Roger Prasad as I was picking up the materials, I was really impressed with his attitude, friendliness, and sincere desire to help. That's the kind of employee that most employers love to have. Also, pass on my appreciation to Roger. As a side note, both the client and I were really impressed with the railings and installation. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your products.
Very truly yours,
Hal Hendrix

Eduardo Charma
July 14, 2011
This is my first time working with Hansen Architectural Systems. I found them online and after a couple of emails and phone call negotiations I decided to go for it. First, let me tell you they are the nicest, most professional people possessing the most effective customer service you will find. I was a little apprehensive making such a purchase online. They were not only very helpful in helping to decide what will be the best look they were also effective in the design in addition to being cost effective. The complete railing system took about two weeks to be made and was delivered on time. There were no problems at opening since it was very well packed. The railings look great and were very easy to work with having all the parts and tools available with extra parts and length just in case. This was my first Cable railing installation and the paper work wasn't perfectly clear, however I called at 1030am, my time (730 am their time) and somebody was there to answer my questions, so that was fantastic. I give Hansen 5 stars for their service and if I need to I shall contact again, no doubt.
Eduardo Chama
Philadelphia, PA

Gary Perricone
May 12, 2011
The railing came out great!
Thank you for all the help and follow through received from your office
Gary Perricone
Dana Point, CA

Yvonne Iwasa
May 2nd, 2011
Hello Corinna:
The glass panels for our railing arrived Thursday in good order. We have them all installed and the railing looks wonderful on our home! Thank you so much for all your help. Please pass our appreciation to Mr. Hansen as well. We will happily recommend Hansen Architectural to others
Yvonne Iwasa
Payette, ID

Gregg Kirkland
April 15th, 2011
Dear Hansen Team:
On behalf of everyone here at Simmons Law Firm, I would like to thank your great railing products for our commercial office renovation in downtown Alton. The railing is not only beautiful, but has exceeded our expectations. We could not be more pleased with how your products contribute to our realization of our vision.
Gregg Kirkland
Chief Operating Officer
Simmons Law Firm, Alton, IL

Jim Gottfried
March 11, 2011
The deck railing installation was completed today by Eric Fuller. I am very happy with your product and the installation. It looks good and strong. The Oyster White color was perfect. Thank you for the great product and good installer recommendations.
Jim Gottfried
Encinitas, CA

Bruce Andrews
January 26, 2011
Lisa, I received the shipment this morning before 9:00AM. It looks like I have everything I need. Thank you for the fast response. I'm really pleased with the railings and am now anxious to finish! Please relay my thanks and appreciation to everyone who helped with this project.
Bruce Andrews
San Carlos, CA

Ralph Reisner
December 3, 2010
Tom - Just wanted to express our thanks for the excellent product (railing for the Yale Ave. East property). Also the technical assistance you gave Coddington Construction was much appreciated by them and us. If we can ever be of help in communicating the excellence of the product and the help to other potential clients of your, please let me know.
Ralph Reisner
President R & D Corp.

Kelt Reeves
September 17, 2010
The railing looks fantastic! I'm really happy with it, and it seems very sturdy. Sweet! Thanks for the quick service. I'll definitely get some pictures for you once it's all in and the construction garbage around it is cleaned up. Here's a long-shot photo I took yesterday. It's useless for your marketing, but it shows how unobtrusive the railing is. I'm really glad we went with glass as opposed to picket.
Kelt Reeves
Medford, OR

Jeri Rolbiecki
September 13, 2010
Attached are a few pictures of my project using your cable railing system at my home. The result are fabulous wiht excellent quality and the next exact look that I desired. Since the pictures are large files, I will send more pictures in other e-mails so they will transmit.
Thanks again for providing exceptional quality and service. I truly appreciate it.

Roy Simmons
September 6, 2010
Overall the project was a success. Once again Hansen has excelled where many others have proven to disappoint me in the past. Keep up the great work! I can share some pictures of my project soon. Perhaps it might be of interest for your website since you don't have any examples of your product being used over a stairway in this manor. It really came out nice and is a solid product.

Home Owner
May 17, 2010
I don't know how to thank you enough! Not just for the excellent quality and service, but for the All Thread suggestion (much cheaper than the epoxy anchors I had planned on using), and for the WD40 trick on the metal cutting blade. Not only does it keep the blade from clogging, it really reduces the amount of deburring necessary. Mary and I are really happy with the results. She gets a big smile every time she goes in or out of the front door now. We both feel that it added more value to our house than the cost of the parts. Your railing are much nicer than the wrought iron ones we had originally designed and just a third of the cost and we get really cool lights and I get the benefit of doing it myself! Everything went together like clockwork. Your railings are relatively easy to assemble. The hardest part was dealing with the exposed aggregate on the steps. It took almost a whole day to chip it smooth and add a thin mortar layer to make it absolutely level for the base plates. But it was worth it; they look like they were installed when the house was built. The only complaint we have is that we didn't meet you sooner. Send me a few business cards so if we have any friends that are considering something similar, they won't have to wait. Thanks again!
Jeff Croman

My Deck Railing Project
April 12, 2010
Ryan and I picked up our materials midday and were back to the house by about 1:30. The rail was up and beautiful by 4:30. Your design and execution are brilliant. Overall I am as impressed as I have ever been by something I've purchased for my house and I've been under construction on and off (lots of on) since 1971. The only problem is that your railing makes the railings on the rest of my decks look shabby. We'll be back for more one of these days. You have been very helpful all along. Thank you very much.
Todd Norvell
Portland, OR

Elmwood Condominium
March 25, 2010
I came home last night to a wonderful surprise! My finished patio! To say it looks wonderful is an understatement! The new patio s make our building look AWESOME! Could not believe it! I was stunned! Our common area almost looks like the entrance to a spa hotel! Once the interior design for the landscaping is complete, our common area will look beyond what we could have ever imagined. Coby and Bob; you both ROCK! Although, my partner Lisa was approached and told by an onsite owner (who I believe has only come to one meeting out of many concerning anything to do with our patio project) complained to Lisa the common are now looks  colorless . Lisa told her she was wrong, and the new enclosures look fantastic! Thank you Bob for putting a lock on our gate/door to our patio; we feel much safer and any privacy issues have been totally resolved! I am amazed at how great this project has come together! Thank you everyone for all your hard work and effort!
Jamie Johnston, Unit 6
Elmwood Condominium Association

Excellent Product Exceptional Service
Posted by frontco on 12/19/2009
After just finishing the install of the Cable Rail system, we have nothing but good to say about the Hansen company. We are Harcon Construction a professional remodeling/construction company based in Cincinnati Ohio. Being this was our first time working with Hansen we were a little weary of how the process would work and the quality of the product. Jason Kosola was our sales contact for the project and made every effort to complete our business without incident. We recieved our railing via a shipping company on time and also got to talk with some very friendly people there as well. We have gotten nothing but compliments from the Homeowner of project. Jason worked with us thru the entire project and communicated very well, all of our questions were answered very quickly. We will be doing usiness with Hansen and Jason again.
Harcon Construction

A company that cares
Posted by roysimmons on 12/18/2009
As a homeowner of 24 years I have learned to be overly cautious when contracting services. Time has proven over and over that most companies fail to deliver the level of service they promise in at least one area and usually it is more than one. Hansen Architectural has proven to me to be one of the very few exceptions to that. I ordered a custom made canopy to provide some protection in front of my home, from the elements. The people were friendly and helpful through the entire process from initial contact to support with installation. I chose to install it myself, knowing that my project would require some on-site fabrication. Jason worked with me to ensure I had all the proper materials to fabricate these pieces. The custom kit arrived in superior packaging. No pieces were missing or damaged. All fasteners were packaged separately and I was amazed to find that I didn't run short on any of them. The quality of the finish is very good, with no imperfections. The structure is extremely stronger than anticipated. This is clearly money well spent and I am already planning a 2nd phase to extend the canopy over a walkway to the house. The best part is that at the end of my project, I contacted Hansen to make a couple suggestions that I felt would further improve their product. They were very open to the ideas and were enthusiastic at the possibility of enhancing a great product. That it the kind of company I want to be associated with, people that really care.
Thank you to Hansen Architectural

Posted by Woodman9 on 12/17/2009
Thank you to Hansen Architectural Systems, Inc. for your company's efforts in supplying and installing glass handrail system at our QFC Grocery Store remodel project in Seattle. Tom Trocino and your installer Cecil pulled this off under the pressures of an extremely tight schedule, in a very professional manner, finishing a couple days early, and our client was extremely pleased with the final product. Lachlan Foss, Project Manager WOODMAN CONSTRUCTION

Bruce Christopher /General Contractor
Posted by Brucetopher on 12/16/2009
I am a general contractor specializing in residential and commercial remodels. We periodically have projects that require a deck railing and have used Hansen Architectural Systems products. Since discovering Hansen Architectural several yearts ago we have not used any other system. We love the look and quality of what ever style we have used as do our clients. We always try to recommend and install products that look superior to the products available at the large "box stores" or "do it yourself" centers. Hansen Architectural Systems gives us that "high end" look that we like to include in our projects. The salesman that we work with is quick to respond to any need we have from needed parts, installation advise or meeting with opur customer to help sell the job. We could not be happier with Hansen Architectural Systems and will continue to call them for all our powder coated railing needs.
Bruce Christopher/owner

Hansen is great!
Posted by JannieO1 on 12/16/2009
We hired Hansen to install glass railing and a patio cover on our home. They provided excellent quality products on time and on budget. We highly recommend Hansen for your project.
Janine Oswald

Great Service
Posted by JBGARY on 12/16/2009
For a recent residential project in Seattle, we used an all glass railing system on a deck with a sweeping Puget Sound view. Hansen Architectural Systems was very helpful in coordinating the railing details with the architect, structural engineer and the contractor. The price quoted was the price billed. The installation was in a difficult location, and as in almost all construction projects, there were some bumps on the road. Hansen Architectural Systems really stepped up to quickly resolve the installation issues. The finished railing system is beautiful. I will certainly be recommending them for future projects.
Brian Gary AIA
Brian Gary Architecture

Handrail systems
Posted by jhbeloff on 12/16/2009
Over the past 10 years , I have had the experience of building homes for my family , friends and clients. One of the most consistant super high quality and service companies has been Hansen Architectual Systems. We have used their cable and rail sytem on almost every project . The system works extremely well for all types of architecture and is a sytem favored by the local inspectures. The service is as well of the highest quality. We have rarely had to have Hansen to come back for adjustment. When we have they have been all over it. I have referred Hansen to many who have been remodelling who are looking for high quality details to add to their additions. I have always received very positive feedback in return. I would strongly recommend them for the smallest to the most detailed high end project. They are a absolute stand along company and built in America.

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